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Like many good stories, Lenny’s begins with a twist of fate but ends happily. His knowledge of the butcher business began at childhood. When he was a boy growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, he and his family lived above his father’s butcher shop. As a child, he played in the store, and as a teenager, he worked there. Once he finished high school, he was given the choice of either continuing his father’s trade or going out on his own, but, like most kids at that age, Lenny wasn’t sure. When it came time to choose, Leonard says, “I’d spent too many hours of my boyhood in my dad’s butcher shop.” So, as many young men would have it in the changing American landscape, he went to college, graduated and worked in the Big Apple. By the time he was 32 years old, the office environment seemed too confining and Leonard started to reconsider things.


wooden frame