How To Get Quality Meat In Manhattan

Different grades of meat can be difficult to ascertain sometimes and that can make shopping for meat a little intimidating. However, it’s actually very easy to get quality meat in Manhattan, especially if you know what to look for and where to go. You need to look around and find the best butcher shop in Manhattan; bonus points if it’s close to where you live. A quality butcher shop offers a variety of products, from beef to veal and everything in between. A local, independent butcher shop will get you what you need, cutting it to your specifications based on the amount of people you are feeding and what sort of cut you want. The best butcher shop in Manhattan is one that cuts the meat in-house, so keep an eye out for that.

In terms of finding quality meat grades, there are a great deal of factors going in to evaluating the grade itself; it’s difficult to understand sometimes. Instead, look at three things. The first: is the meat well butchered? The second: what’s the color like? Finally, the third: what’s the texture like of the meat? Consider the first factor. Well-butchered meat has a thick, smooth shape to it. There aren’t uneven sections or ragged edges. The color is also something to look at, as fresh meat is very appealing. It’s rich, vibrant, and uniform in color. Meat that is discolored is often less than great or has been handled poorly. Finally, consider the texture. Look at the grain of the meat, which should be tight and going in the same direction.

You should also know just a little about what you’re getting; have an idea of what has more fat versus muscle, for example. Know the difference between a quality marbled steak and a less than quality piece. Marbling, which is the amount of fat within the cut, indicates a high quality steak when it’s found in large amounts. Lean cut steak has little visible fat. The fat impacts the quality because it melts and keeps it moist while providing flavor. Everyone wants high quality meat with a lot of flavor, so they naturally gravitate towards marbled steaks.

The best butcher shop in Manhattan is the ideal place for picking up any meat you need. You can order over the phone or go to the store to pick out the highest quality meat you’ll find in the city. The butcher is incredibly knowledgeable about everything they have on sale and will be able to help you pick out the best type and cut of meat for your dinner.